Stephen West Back April 22,2017….

Karen PosniakEvents

Come experience the colorful world of Westknit’s and learn all about Stephen’s Marled magic tricks for combining multiple yarns.We will experiment with holding 2 strands of yarn together to create fabrics that look like painted works of art.If you haven’t made Stephen’s Marled Magic Shawl you can start that project in class.You will also receive your choice of an advance copy of one of Stephen’s new Marled Magic designs like a cowl,sweater,or kerchief/bandana. All patterns use a colorful collection of fingering weight yarn held double. You will need a colorful pile of fingering weight yarns and a US8 circular needle to begin the Marled Magic Shawl or one of Stephen’s brand new designs.Stephen recommends bringing a color palette of at least 5-10 colors to start. For example, bring shades of blue to create a warm palette with pinks, oranges,and reds. If you want a super colorful shawl,bring a bag full of colorful fingering weight yarns to stripe and play! Lace weight mohair yarns are also highly encouraged . WARNING! If you do not have mohair Stephen may sneak some into your yarn pile for you to play with. Download the pattern on Ravelry here…
The class is 3 hours. Price for Workshop is $125.00 (NO REFUNDS)….