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Fuse Fibers Trunk Show Saturday December 9,2017…
Come Meet Fuse Fibers:

Fuse Fiber Studio is a boutique yarn dyeing company focusing on small-batch and one-of-a-kind colors. Our dye studio is located in a community art center housed in the historic red sandstone buildings of the former Climax Fuse Factory in Avon, Connecticut. Hence the name Fuse Fiber Studio!

We share the space with 20 other studio artists, galleries and classrooms. Being surrounded by history, nature and art in so many different forms provides endless inspiration for our colors and designs.

Rebecca Picoult, the owner and dyer behind the brand says, “I love playing with unique and unexpected color combinations and treat each skein of yarn that I dye like its own work of art. My colors are always based on things that have special meaning for me — places I’ve traveled, my favorite books, funny family memories and my favorite things in nature. Every color tells a story. My goal as a dyer is for people to find something in my colors that resonates with them and sparks their own happy memories and feelings.”

We hope you find something that speaks to you, and helps you tell your story! Happy Knitting!