Stephen West Back April 22,2017….

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Come experience the colorful world of Westknit’s and learn all about Stephen’s Marled magic tricks for combining multiple yarns.We will experiment with holding 2 strands of yarn together to create fabrics that look like painted … Read More

Lavanya Particella

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Join Lavanya for a Morning of Brioche knitting at Do Ewe Knit on Saturday November 12,2016 and learn everyone’s new favorite stitch, 2 color brioche with the addition of seamless modular construction. In the 3 … Read More


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Starts June 27,2016. ALL Yarns must be purchased at Do Ewe Knit. The shawls must be a Melanie Berg Pattern and between June 27,2016 & August 29,2016. Voting ends September 2, 2016. To enter have … Read More